About Us

The Company
At 7th West Charcuterie if it can be smoked, cured, stuffed, brined, or confited we are into it. With the The Original baconkit we are bringing our passion for delicious bacon to the world. In fact, we think baconkit might just be the genesis for the downfall of commercially produced supermarket bacon.

We started 7th West Charcuterie in Seattle, WA in 2012 after realizing that we had to do more to get home charcuterie to the world. We had friends using our homemade bacon with breakfast, BLTs, soups, and braises and the feedback was always incredible. In addition to baconkit we envision a host of other charcuterie products enabling the home cook to be the charcutier of their domain.

We are committed to quality and your satisfaction with our products and purchasing experience. 100% money back (minus shipping) guarantee on any of our products.

Community Relations
We'd love to hear about opportunities to have an impact in the community. Educating our kids on charcuterie, farmers markets, or otherwise. Please send us any feedback here.

Investor Relations

We are a privately held company, but haven't ruled out a NASDAQ listing whose size would rival that of a certain social networking company. (That's right Zuck, we're gunning for you). For questions or inquiries contact us here.